Where in the ‘Boken is Tim Occhipinti?

After the flooding, Tim Occhipinti is missing and Grafix Avenger has put out an all points bulletin, taking it upon herself to get the word out.  Some little kid is going to have to make way for Timmy.

Apparently Agent Avenger is on the case and the Feds will be undoubtedly grateful for her efforts.  (Think of all the tax dollars saved if they can find Tim and all his political friends in one place.)  In the meantime, MSV can only offer conjecture on where Timmy is but a reader noted he may be busy in a cram course like for SAT preparation but his class is called “How Beth taught me to love power and hate the First Amendment.”
Beware when the serpent speaks about your freedoms.  It could be yours he’s after next.
Tim Occhipinti got the hang of the Old Guard doublespeak and now he’s after your freedoms.  Beware the serpent who speaks with forked tongue.  

Talking Ed Note: Tim Occhipinti spoke at the last City Council meeting defining your rights to speech but he took a FBI satirical series and called it “a credible threat” with the mention of shooting off a door knob when the Feds come to make arrests.
What do you think he’s really afraid of?
Okay, let’s help Agent Grafix Avenger find Tim:

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