Councilman Peter Cunningham expresses thanks

From the desk of Councilman Peter Cunningham:

Friends, family and neighbors,

Wow, what a couple of days!  This is a quick note to thank the Administration and Mayor Zimmer’s team, C.E.R.T, OEM and City employees for doing such a great job!  We were out front and center setting the precedence for hurricane preparations in the New York City area.  I utilized key contacts throughout the 5th ward to spread the word and to help look out for our fellow neighbors; and we thank you all as well for all your support and hard work.  Residents were as well amazing with their preparations.  I don’t want to say that we challenged mother nature, but we were certainly prepared for the worst.

It all worked according to plan, and thank goodness mother nature recognized our efforts.  As I have said, the City’s preparation is like having an umbrella in anticipation of a rainy day.  You hopefully don’t have to use it, but you’re glad you have it.  One other friend referred to our preparation as an insurance policy.  And he’s right. It was a job well done.  We must also remember that when another storm approaches, we just might have to do this all over again, and I am confident that we will.

Aside from the pure public safety concerns of Hoboken storms, and the need to be prepared, flooding is a major problem that can be solved. Our use of the Emnet technology (under ground sewer system analysis) is producing very important data that along with “high speed” pumps, and proper flood mitigating development will solve our flooding problems – finally.  I am proud to be at the forefront of these important solutions, and to serve the people of the 5th Ward and the City of Hoboken.  Thanks all…see you in the neighborhood and be



Where’s Tim Occhipinti?  They said to go this way to get help from Tim, right?

Talking Ed Note: While Councilman Cunningham like some other Council members were engaged before, during and after the storm, others have been MIA.

Hoboken Patch notes the people who gave Tim Occhipinti their “votes” are not too pleased with his no-show.  Occhipinti has been unreachable and won’t comment and did nothing to help people in the 4th ward yesterday either.  

Perhaps in Occhipinti’s mind they already dug into his pockets once – or at least his sponsors which to him is one and the same.  Silence may be better than what he really wants to say, “Once I bought you, stay bought.  A deal is a deal and you already got $40.”

Or maybe Tim Occhipinti is occupied working tirelessly to subvert the 1st Amendment.  He’s suddenly become an expert on Freedom of Speech.  He took this up apparently after his foray into EmNet technology.  He was against that too.

Is Tim following orders or maybe he did not get an invitation to the political party where after two consecutively missed City Council meetings, Beth Mason emerged to hold a meeting at her spring campaign headquarters with Assemblyman Ruben Ramos, 5th ward power seeker Scott Delea and political operative Matt Calicchio.

The meeting was held at 12th and Washington not hours after the storm blew through.  Can playing politics be far behind?  More on that to come.

Did you know canoeing is an in town Hoboken sport?  Yesterday it was:

If you are available today and looking to make a difference, 11:00 is the time and Church Square Park the meeting point:

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