When a petition is not the petition and 100K vs. $52 million

A reader noted aggressive efforts from two hired lads on behalf of the “Stop higher voter turnout in Hoboken elections” petition, re: don’t make us buy more votes this morning saying:

On my way to get starbucks this morning, I was stopped by 2 separate people asking me to sign their petition to protest the path toll hikes.  Seems like a worthy cause…until I read the petition which was really for the May to November election referendum.

I am utterly disgusted.”

Well good reader, don’t be disgusted.  Frank “Pupie” Raia is just doing the good work of keeping the economy going and hiring young folks from Bayonne as part of the bigger cause of keeping more Hoboken voters from the polls.

Short of that, it’s going to cost a lot more money at election time.  Just imagine what it will cost in the HHA, when there’s 110% turnout and everyone is paid to “campaign.”  You’ll hear how Tim Occhipinti is elevated to Martin Luther King status too as a bonus.  

Former HUMC CEO Spiros Hatiras

The Jersey Journal is up in arms on behalf of Hoboken taxpayers that a CEO payout for Spiros Hatiras may land up hitting us up for $100,000.  Funny, we’re still waiting for their story on how much the Russo family cost the Hoboken taxpayers when they were discovered illicitly receiving taxpayer paid benefits since 2006.  The senior editor there seems to have an aversion to telling us anything the Russo cabal costs Hoboken.  Hint: it was in the six figure ballpark.

They did manage to get the mayor to comment as she stated this was the best way to get the taxpayers off the hook for $52 million.  The story gets kinda huffy about that and repeats the statement by the mayor who also happens to have a vote on the management authority of the hospital.

What the story doesn’t mention is that Hatiras also held a vote on the hospital board and no one knows the circumstances surrounding the potential 600K severance package.  It’s unclear if Hatiras will collect on all the monies as it’s staggered in the future. 

Does it strike you as excessive?  For two years, Hatiras was receiving $400K, so if this is in fact tied to the contract and/or necessary to get Hoboken taxpayers off the $52 million hook, not really.  

But in this economic climate it will make for good Hoboken drama and people love to hype anything they can for political gain.  Fact has nothing to do with it.  

Talking Ed Note: The sale of the hospital looks to be about a month or so away.  Some people will be losing jobs, the institution will survive but with significant changes under new ownership and Hoboken taxpayers will not have $50 million added to their local tax bill.  If that’s the worst of it, then get it over with and let’s get past the bad aftertaste. 

It’s far better than anyone would have hoped a year or two ago. 

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