Beth Mason attacks mayor’s support of hospital CEO’s severance

Councilwoman Beth Mason apparently unable to derail the sale of the hospital issued a statement attacking the mayor for agreeing to a 600K package for the former HUMC CEO Spiros Hatiras.

With the Masonseed re: Appleseed effort to stop the hospital sale failed, the team of Mason consultants goes on the attack on a different front.  This is a surprising development, not the attack itself but the substance.  There’s not an outright lie in this email blast.

This time Mason uses the Jersey Journal story to good affect.  None of this however will stop the sale of the hospital itself.  If you ask Hoboken taxpayers whether they prefer to pay a $100K severance package or the $52 million bond for a hospital bankruptcy, they will not blink in reply.

Give credit where due, this is a good Bet.

Talking Ed Note: MSV would like to applaud Councilwoman Beth Mason for going with a pure political attack and not outright fabrications to the Hoboken public. 

Okay well almost.  The claim the HUMC CEO is a Zimmer ally might be somewhat of a stretch but for Beth Mason this is really good.  This is progress though it does have that lowbrow minion flavor.  Blech!

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