‘Maureen First’

We came across a story from a Board of Education regular and it’s worth a read.  It’s quite an insightful view on the current situation on the Board of Ed and it sums up the thoughts we are hearing on the street.

We’ll have more to say on the BoE but still hoping that maybe the repeated invitations to speak to Maureen Sullivan will actually be accepted.  To this point, we are getting nothing but emailed references to a discussion with her husband, even after a public offer to speak was posted on the Hoboken Journal the other day along with the several emails offering same.  Maureen had complained that the Hoboken Journal did not give her a chance to offer her perspective.  Well MSV has, repeatedly.

Full disclosure: Da Horsey met the author of the linked story at a BoE event.  It was actually the one on the topic of parents providing suggestions on the selection process for the Superintendent.  Have not spoken to the writer since and came upon this post much by accident.  The article is very well done and worth your time.  Just click on the story title or the link below:

Update: Maureen Sullivan has posted over in Red Elephant land and we’ve extended another invitation there to chat.  The thread there is also worth a read on the recent BoE events.


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