The rise of the true BoE Machine

The Wile E. Coytoe, Eric Kurta provides this historical gem on the view from the Machine on the Board of Education, circa 1993.  The more things change the more they stay the same.  Will history repeat itself?

That depends.  How sweet is the taste of revenge?  Is it sweet enough to enjoy the sour fruits of spoiler when your neighbor sees massive waste and fraud restored (with higher taxes) under your favorite ringworm Frank Raia?

What kind of “principle” is that?

November 1993: Louise Boscia was the union rep for the Hoboken school district and librarian for the Calabro elementary school (library hours were reputedly 9am-12pm…good hours, if you can get ’em and apparently worth fighting for). Louise lays out the old-guard strategy for removing the newcomer members from the board. Sixteen years later, not much has changed.

Something to consider in light of the growing split in the BOE reform vote.

Louise, librarian at Calabro, currently makes $90K.

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