What price justice… or restitution?

There’s more questions than answers after the sentencing hearing in Newark federal court for one Patrick Ricciardi was delayed in the judge’s chambers more than an hour yesterday.

Combing through the local stories of those who attended, the Jersey Journal offered additional details noting Mayor Dawn Zimmer had appeared to make a statement at Ricciardi’s sentencing with her comments.  In the end, there was no hearing, no sentencing and no statement.
Here’s what the Jersey Journal’s Charles Hack wrote quoting the mayor:
Zimmer had been present in court to make a statement to Salas about the damage done to the city and call for everyone involved in the conspiracy to be held to account.

“The city will be providing additional information on what his (Ricciardi’s) actions have cost the city,” Zimmer said. “I am a little surprised that there was no sentencing.”

“This was a serious crime that he has committed against the city that has had a major impact on all of Hoboken residents … It was a breach of public trust,” Zimmer added. “I think they should all be accountable and until the sentencing happens I won’t know whether even (Ricciardi) will be held accountable.
There’s two things that stand out here.  First, the mayor appears to be saying after the hearing is cancelled the City of Hoboken will be doing further work to calculate the full cost of Riccardi’s actions.
This sounds quite severe and more importantly, it has the discordant tones of a disconnect.  
Second, the mayor’s concluding comment is frankly beyond concerning.  She makes a public call for full accountability of everyone involved in the massive looting of electronic information in the mayor’s office that went on for well over a year.  Under the circumstances, that makes sense. This wasn’t a one time prank or limited to a guy paranoid about personal job security.  Although with all the noise that comes out of the Old Guard council about claims and Beth Mason squawking about a midday $12 NJ Transit ticket, how come no one once ever raised a question about an employee on a base salary of 72K making over 190K and 200K in his last two years working for the City?
“…until the sentencing happens I won’t know whether even (Ricciardi) will be held accountable.”
The mayor doesn’t know if the central linchpin in the Data Theft Ring Conspiracy who pilfered untold numbers of documents and perhaps thousands of emails affecting every aspect of the City’s business will be held accountable?

Talking Ed Note: What happens when the scales of justice is missing its sword?  Is the sword being wielded or only not visible? 
If this cliffhanger continues to the end of this month that day should be of interest to every Hobokenite who cares about the ongoing battle against corruption.
This isn’t the only oddity yesterday. There was evening mail received but its contents didn’t come through clearly.  Even with significant IT experience, we’re at a loss to understand its contents.  Perhaps the sender will resend.  
Da Horsey must attest, what came through is quite impressive.  

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