Grafix Avenger a VIP tonight at Jersey City mayoral inauguration

While it’s a mundane humdrum day here in horsey land, our reform anti-corruption colleague Grafix Avenger announced she will be attending a special event this evening. It’s the big shindig for new mayor Steve Fulop of Jersey City.

Guess it pays to have friends in high places. As for horses, they don’t make the list. At least Grafix Avenger’s good friend and Fulop adviser Tom Bertoli has determined she’s a Very Important Person.

Which just goes to show, when you are the best satirist in all of northern New Jersey, you get all the attention and big invitations to the big dance.

A Hoboken farm animal, not so much.

Star power: Dignataries across the state of New Jersey will be on hand tonight for the official inaugural of Steve Fulop
taking office as mayor of Jersey City.  Governor Christie, Mayor Dawn Zimmer, US and state senators will be
on hand with – a who’s who of NJ political VIPs.   Oh yeah and Grafix Avenger will be with them too.  

Talking Ed Note: Wishing Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop all the best with the job ahead.

Hudsonstock graphic courtesy of Grafix Avenger

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