What Mike Russo really thinks about (his) corruption

Even before he’s fallen, the resurrection of Councilman Mike Russo had begun with a campaign to sully any and all others you could mention in the same sentence as Solomon Dwek.  Even if you appear in the index of “The Jersey Sting,” Beth Mason’s political operatives are willing to put you in the same category as Mike Russo.

Here’s Mike Russo in his own words on a speech he’s crafted, along with other family and friends no doubt.  Listen along and follow the words below the video.  MSV’s words are in brackets.

You will draw some remarkable conclusions.

Mike Russo’s words to ponder:

political season… just words… I didn’t have that power…. “appeared” to betray my office…. out of context….. they were just words… not actions… didn’t take the money… 2 and half years ago (?)…. I wasn’t arrested…. political transgressions but no crime…. none of (my) political flesh (for you)…stopped municipal garage in ward (lie) (let’s talk about) 3rd ward park (parks)…. budget surplus (lie)…. I’m moving forward… judge me (but not on the tapes)…

Does this sound like a heartfelt apology to the community?

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