Beth Mason leads the strategy on moving on from Mike Russo’s corruption

Many people will be fairly unhappy with the rendering of any sense of justice for the betrayal by Mike Russo toward the people of Hoboken.  What makes matters worse is not one of his allies spoke out on the substance of his betrayal, not one of them addressed the seriousness of the underlying transgressions against our community and not one of them asked for him to resign.

Not one.

Here’s Beth Mason trying to put distance between herself and Mike Russo’s obvious “issues,” but note she finds time to suggest we “move on,” and not focus to hard on the serious matters of conspiracy to conduct bribes on behalf of a developer just met, or the takeover of the city government and control all development by “having a supermajority,” as Mike Russo so eloquently put it.

Note how utterly dismissive Beth Mason is of these numerous and serious transgressions and how swiftly she moves on to the Mason-Russo strategy to tarnish others on the City Council and in the mayor’s campaign with unsubstantiated claims others met with Solomon Dwek.

Then ask yourself, is she someone you want in office at all, let alone re-elected in May to the 2nd ward council seat where she can immediately scheme to takeover the whole town and get her hands on the mayor’s office?


Talking Ed Note: This is a fascinating case study in bad politics.  In order to garner the good will of the people, you’re suppose to allow them time to digest an apology and offer forgiveness.  Beth Mason will have none of that.  She determines it’s inappropriate for people to hold Mike Russo to account for his ACTIONS, not his braggadocio.

She goes on a tirade pointed at the mayor.  It’s the mayor’s fault for not allowing “both sides,” of the story to appear on the city website.  This from a woman who is working hand in hand with the most vile website in town – Hoboken411.

That website is beneath contempt in its service to her.  Is it even necessary to list the number of people smeared in service to her there, one most recently being her former legislative aide who resigned to take a civil service position?  

Does anyone else find it ironic that Beth Mason’s less than democratic temperament towards the public, her colleagues, the executive branch and the institutions of government mirror the iron fist of censorship enforced on behalf of Hoboken411?

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But without Mike, she was in danger of losing the presidency. She and Mike now have a new election theme message – “who else is on the tapes”, which will be replayed until the election. What about Stan? Alicea? Stuiver? Keep everyone on their toes and off base. And give us those damn emails.

See Grafix Avenger for more on the mole who is giving advanced blow by blow:

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