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Pay to play is apparently all the rage in the land.  And now MSV enters that fray (again) with an exclusive story questioning a 2007 filing by Councilman Michael Russo.  We plan on following up with the Councilman to find out how a bunch of entries for 2007 has one written over and appears to be back dated to 2006.  Why?

Take a look at page 2 – SCHEDULE A.  It’s the amount of $1,000 and it’s from former Hoboken counsel David F. Corrigan.  The total contribution shows as $2,500.

Do we have a real pay to play violation on our hands?  As for this filed document, any falsification of the document by backdating an entry itself is a violation.  The question being; why are all these entries in this ELEC filing for 2007 except one that appears magically written over?  How did the entry concerning contributions from David Corrigan land up in a document of 2007 contributions AS 2006?!

Oh the web we weave….?  Here’s a copy of the actual 2007 report filing.

Mr. Corrigan conducted the investigation and issued the Andriani report in early 2007. Here’s his compensation mentioned in a Jersey Journal story.  The actual contract would have been issued within the one year ban to Councilman Russo’s “2006” David Corrigan entry.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008 Jersey Journal

HOBOKEN – Mayor David Roberts has recruited some experienced lawyers to show the city is being “fair and impartial” in its investigation of nine unnamed officers charged in connection the SWAT scandal.

But others say that the city is prepared to throw a few lower-ranking police officers under the bus and pay top dollar to shield itself from further litigation.

Roberts said that he asked criminal defense lawyer Paul Condon, a former Essex County prosecutor, at $150 an hour, to present disciplinary charges on behalf the city in administrative proceedings.

He also asked former Hudson County Superior Court Assignment Judge Arthur D’Italia to be the hearing officer, sources said, adding that D’Italia would likely be paid $400 an hour.

Officials said the investigation into the SWAT scandal was conducted by David Corrigan, who has a $125,000 contract with the city to be its labor counsel, at no extra cost.

The timing of a 2007 contribution by David Corrigan to Councilman Mike Russo and his legal services agreement look to fall within the actual one year time frame of the Pay-to-Play ordinance if the overwriting on the document of contribution by hand may indeed have magically been backdated to 2006 .

In and of itself, there would be scant concern on its face.  But tied into the payments to Counsel David Corrigan, it does raise some strong questions in regard to the one year contribution rule to a city official when obtaining a city paid contract.

Talking Ed Note: MSV has contacted Councilman Russo by email and left a voicemail and asked for a time to discuss the concerns detailed here at his convenience.  Councilman Russo has requested questions be submitted via email and MSV has done so.

Councilman Russo originally abstained on a contract for David Corrigan in a City Council meeting back in January 2005.  Has he abstained on all business related to Attorney Corrigan since?

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What do you think?  Regarding this “2006” entry what in this picture doesn’t belong with the others?  Hint: 2007 entires around it.

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