“We need to be held to a higher standard”

Councilman Russo stated in last night’s meeting there should be a “higher standard” of elected city officials.  MSV was not able to attend or view the meeting but looks forward to following up with the Councilman.

He’s emailed that his City Council remarks be posted in their entirety here.  MSV would be happy to do so and requests that Mr. Russo submit them along with answers to the two questions emailed yesterday:

Why is there overwriting on a 2007 ELEC report from David Corrigan that looks to be backdated to 2006?

Please describe your knowledge of David Corrigan’s contract within that period in regards to the Pay to Play ordinance?

MSV would like to thank the Councilman for his email and looks forward to his submission which will be posted in its entirety at his convenience.


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