What first: Feds strike Hoboken or a new Russo Association opening?

The clock continues to tick, foreboding ticks of the clock and with the month winding down, a John Grisham turn of events is set to occur.

As people look at one another with questions, and behind closed doors pointing fingers, several new avenues have come to MSV’s attention in the Hoboken FBI criminal investigation.

For the betting person, a novel over and under bet for starters.  Will the Feds strike in Hoboken first or does the homeless Russo Civic Association see an opening of its new digs?  That’s about as lighthearted as things are going to get in Hoboken this summer.

Here’s the lengthy list, re: the juice MSV has patched together on numerous fronts.

Last month, Councilman Mike Russo sported prisoner orange.  He likes it, Mikey likes it.

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Graphic courtesy Grafix Avenger

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