Policy, who needs policy I thought this was about my power?

Jersey Journal editor Augie Torres took time from the mayhem of his Jersey City homeland to join the ranks of the self-described “loyal opposition” in Hoboken.  By loyal opposition they mean the good old days, like when things ran smoothly “On the Waterfront,” and they collected the spoils of taxpayer monies before government got its hands on it while they bestowed jobs to friends and family.

According to the Old Guard Hoboken feature segment, they want to change the composition of Hoboken government to make it more amenable to their agenda. What’s their agenda?  Nothing is mentioned, there’s no policy ideas to move Hoboken forward, no great plan to lower taxes, or improve infrastructure.  Their sole plan is to overhaul the government so it’s more to their liking with guess who calling the shots?  Here’s how it’s explained:

Well, since it is inevitable, look for the anti-Zimmerites to take it a step further and seek a change in government. They want to reduce the number of council seats to either five, requiring redistricting, or six, one for each ward and one at-large to maintain an odd number.

So they seek “change” but the only policy they actually seek is to eliminate a ward seat (guess they really don’t like that Jen girl in the 6th) or remove two at-large council seats.  Do you think this ‘policy’ removes any of their own seats or does it solely add indefinite power for themselves?  This is what motivates the “loyal opposition,” and constitutes their view of good governance. 

Only problem with this ‘good government’ model is it doesn’t have the support of the people or Hoboken’s existing government.  It’s unclear how Augie believes they will push this through with this slight hurdle in their path.  Although there’s mention of the legislation up for approval Wednesday to move the municipal election to November, there’s actually popular support to do so even based on the Hudson Reporter poll.  While an online poll is not scientific, it can provide a snapshot of opinion.  In this case it’s 68% favoring a move to traditional November elections:

This snapshot poll shows 68% favor November elections with only 19% against.

Okay, now that we’ve illuminated the vast brain trust of the Old Guard and what’s on their minds re: themselves and increasing power, see if you can match up the person in the photo below to the related description?

Which Hoboken multi-millionaire cries that he needs a board position with taxpayer paid benefits because otherwise he can’t get government paid health insurance?

Which elected official backed by a legion of subsidized permanently piloted non-taxpaying neighbors accuses a taxpaying mayor of “robbing the taxpayer,” while his family sits on a bill for hundreds of thousands owed for doing exactly that?

Which Hoboken pol screams transparency at every turn but tramples it at every opportunity and even without holding a job can’t get one campaign finance report submitted on time (or with the proper attachments showing how $52,000 in street money was spent?)

Which Hudson County politician is brave enough to stand up to his statewide sponsor because of his local political ambitions not to buck the unions’ support he covets for citywide office here, but won’t stand up to the endemic election fraud exploiting the community he grew up in?

Which Hoboken politician thinks he’s really the ward’s elected representative even with obvious evidence of massive vote buying in each of his ‘elections?’

Self-congratulations are in order.  Frank “Pupie” Raia threw himself another party to congratulate himself with 70 of his closest non-paying dinner pals for his “work” on the 2011 elections.  
This is Exhibit A for the  Feds and their “Can you believe this” file.

From left: Council members Mike Russo and Beth Mason, North Hudson Sewerage Authority Board member Frank Raia, 4th ward council seat occupant Tim Occhipinti, lawyer Michael Goldberg, Assemblyman Ruben Ramos

Photo courtesy: and Vitiosus Interruptus

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