What BoE threat to the theater program?


Robert Davis, the Hoboken BoE Business Administrator launched a fusillade defense countering rumors of a threat from the Hoboken Board of Education regarding its student theater program.  Although he doesn’t point any fingers naming names – it’s obvious he’s reinforcing the record by correcting a statement from a Real Results slate flyer.  His lead in telling a story about Halley’s Comet and how misinformation among boy scouts passed from one to another in a circle is the humorous analogy in the correction.
He spelled it all out in the first seven minutes of this exclusive video clip.  The remaining several minutes include awards to BoE members Carrie Gilliard and Jimmy Farina.
Cablevision Ch. 77 is showing this meeting in its entirety.  
The election for the BoE is April 20th.  

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