Election fliers, but where’s the election?

An uptown colleague sent this flyer (pictured below) over early this morning.  He found it on his car.  Apparently, some people are really ginned up for the election.  What election?  MSV has not heard of any City Hall election either.  Is someone planning on resigning?  If so we didn’t get the news.

Hoboken had most of last year’s calendar crowded with elections and electioneering.  Perhaps someone has lost their calendar.  What year is it again?

Note that all the appointments and contributions are perfectly legal and each of these people are acting in VOLUNTARY SERVICE ROLES and receiving NO PAY!

And of course there are plenty of people who are also appointed who made no campaign contributions.  What must make some political opponents angry is these people don’t expect or want anything in return other than to serve the community.  Many have been active serving in various capacities for many years.

One person not listed here has recently won a paid position entirely on merit who worked for another leading political figure in town.  MSV won’t name the person but can say it was a pleasant surprise and actually nice to see someone can earn their way for a needed salaried role and serve the Hoboken community.

Note the flyer indicates there will be more hatchet work ahead.

If this is play, where’s the pay?  Some people….


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