Welcome to the Battle of the Big Lie

We’re seeing record traffic for a Thursday developing here today.  So with that, anticipate more stories and stay tuned.

In fact as we are now about to enter the Battle of the Big Lie, please take this time to email all your friends in Hoboken the web address to MSV.  Da Horsey appreciates it. or

With the sudden appearance of a paid videographer at the meeting last night working for Councilwoman Beth Mason, MSV anticipates you will see a concerted push to point the finger and excuse the reckless action by the Beth Mason hydra last night.

This is not a close call.  This was plain and simple overt sabotage against the City of Hoboken with the game plan to wreck havoc.  The damage however is going to be to the very people they claim to represent.

As we said to Beth Mason after her comment to us last night, “You’ll have some explaining to do.”

 Here’s our bonus footage now addressing the mythology promoted by Beth Mason last night the changes in the parking agreement will be a loss to the City of Hoboken.

Director of Transportation and Parking Ian Sacs directly countered that misinformation with the true facts, both financially and materially.  He stated that the deal is a win for Hoboken across the board.  Here it is unedited and complete:

Talking Ed Note: Late in this short presentation, Ian Sacs is interrupted by applause when he corrects Beth Mason’s factual error the new arrangement will cost Hoboken $720,000. In reality he says, the deal will generate Hoboken about $300,000 more with revenues in seven figures.

More to come…

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