Peter Cunningham calls out the sabotage by MORTe on the carpet

It needed to be said.  The sabotage of Hoboken is out in the open, a full time endeavor and the battle for the truth will be on full out.  MORTe (Mason, Occhipinti, Russo and Terry Castellano) made it clear their declaration of full out war on Hoboken will not see any limits.

After trying (and failing) to sabotage the hospital sale saving countless jobs and the taxpayers of Hoboken, they went on to the next best thing – undermining a refinance of the midtown garage connected to the hospital, both figuratively and literally.

With a new camera man hired by Beth Mason taping for controlled propaganda use, likely on Hoboken411 the truth is their next intended victim.

First however, will be the municipal workers laid off due to the irresponsible, purely political action by MORTe.

Here’s Peter Cunningham:

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