Weekend with Tim Occhipinti in the 4th ward

Tim Occhipinti, 4th ward resident and occupant of its council seat also had an event last Saturday competing with the mayor.  Well they aren’t competing as the mayor has an established base and record and Tim Occhipinti has a group of handlers who muster a “Being There,” campaign as in they handle all the words and Tim just needs to be there.

Tim’s event went a little bit different although both were in parks.

Team Tim hit a 4th ward park.  The woman left fled on Tim’s proposition to her.  He’s been heard in bars using a version of “Do you know who I am?” trying to score.  So far, it hasn’t met with much success.  Some handlers including mouthpiece David Cruz and Perry Belfiore stand nearby with the minion keeping watch he doesn’t stray from the binder.

Tim’s park ballon ride goes flat.  Fail!  Maybe they should try to blow it up with absentee ballots.

This 4th ward message board sports a new message from Tim.
The 4th ward Timmy board has been missed.

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