To arms, to arms… it’s crunch time

From the desk of Peter Cunningham:

Friends, family and neighbors, 

The Council Elections are now only three weeks away.  While we are all hard at work to win this election, we are looking for additional volunteers that can canvass our neighborhoods to identify our votes.  In addition, on Election Day, we are looking for Challengers to sit at our 5th Ward polling locations (2 to 4 hour time frames) to monitor voting activity and track the vote count.

These are both very critical tasks that will help us carry the day on May 10th.  For Challenging, if you THINK you might have time, we need to know very soon so we can submit your name to the County by next Tuesday 26th.   

Please advise!!  For those that have contributed time and money, many thanks to you all.  For those that have not, I am making a personal plea.  Remember, our victory will ensure that we continue to lead the fight against CORRUPTION in Hoboken and keep Hoboken moving in the right direction.  Corruption has destroyed our finances and development opportunities.  All of these important issues which we are addressing head on are at stake and all three of my opponents are tied to old Hoboken politics and the corruption that still exists today.

Let’s not turn back the clock, please get involved today!

Peter Cunningham

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