Weekend events at the Hoboken Historical and Fire Department Museum

Opening Reception & Volunteer Party, Sun. Jan. 29
Holland (left), Lincoln (right) Tunnels
Holland (left), Lincoln (right) Tunnels
Driving Under the Hudson: A History of the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels
This year the Holland Tunnel turns 85, and the Lincoln 75. The Museum invites you to explore the tunnels’ back story and cultural significance in Driving Under the Hudson, The History of the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels, opening Sunday, Jan. 29 with a free reception from 2 – 5 pm. It will be on view through July 1.
Before WWI, ferries and barges were the only way to transport goods and commuters to New York, and the Hudson & Manhattan Tubes (PATH) provided relief only for commuters–not freight–in 1908. A hard freeze in the winter of 1917-1918, followed by a Marine Workers’ strike the next winter, galvanized support for a vehicular tunnel by 1919.
Completed in 1927, the Holland Tunnel, named for its chief engineer Clifford Holland, was called the “Eighth Wonder of the World.” Planned, funded and constructed against daunting physical and financial obstacles, their existence is a testament to the “sandhogs” who risked their lives working under extreme pressure, and to the engineers who innovated new construction techniques. The first tube of the Lincoln Tunnel opened in 1937, but the second and third were delayed due to WWII and rising real estate costs.
“Mostly Rosemary” Series by Laura Alexander
Laura Alexander's latest series
Laura Alexander’s latest series
Local artist Laura Alexander’s Monroe Center studio is a fixture on Hoboken’s annual Artists Studio Tour. She paints striking portraits on large canvases, and the Museum invites you to see her latest series,“Mostly Rosemary,” in an exhibit in the Museum’s Upper Gallery that opens on January 29 with a free reception from 2 – 5 p.m.

The title of the show is inspired by the model who posed for the photographs that Alexander worked from in creating these 50-inch-square portraits. “They’re ‘mostly’ her,” Alexander explains, “but we changed her cosmetically for each portrait. The concept was to portray different ethnic varieties.” She adds,“These paintings speak about the many differences we perceive in one another while we still recognize our shared humanity. Real tolerance of these differences seems to be the challenge of this century.”

Volunteers keep our events going strong!
Volunteers keep our events going strong!
Volunteer Celebration at Opening Reception
Please join us at the opening reception on Sunday, Jan. 29, from 2 – 5 pm, if you’ve volunteered for the Museum in 2011, or are interested in volunteering in 2012. We rely on a small army of volunteers to staff our booths at festivals, work in the Museum and help out with our fund-raising events, like the House Tour and Tomato-Tasting Festivals.
We’ll take a few moments to recognize the contributions of our volunteers, and share information about our upcoming calendar of events. Invite friends — we always welcome new volunteers.
Member Exclusive: Summer Enrichment Programs
Ready to explore the Mile Square city
Ready to explore the Mile Square city
Looking for summer fun? The Hoboken Historical Museum announces the dates for the 2012 Summer Enrichment Program sessions, which booked up quickly last year. This year, we’re offering a priority enrollment period for Museum members, now through February 3rd.
Each week-long session runs Monday – Friday from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm, at the Museum–with field trips around town. Every day includes a little history, exploring, outdoor activities, crafts and a chance to make new friends and have lots of fun. The week costs $225 per child enrolled, Museum Members pay $190.
City Stories, June 25 – 29
For ages 5 to 7 years old
Join us at the Museum for a week of literary fun and neighborhood adventure as we jump into some of our favorite stories about city life. We’ll have arts and crafts, neighborhood walks and plenty of time outside for summer fun and games. As we explore the Museum and the neighborhood, come see what you can find in Hoboken.

Hoboken Explorers, August 6 – 10
For ages 6 to 8 years old
The Museum is full of amazing objects to explore and Hoboken has lots of history and stories to tell. We’ll work on projects, take walking trips to local fun spots, and have plenty of outdoor time for neighborhood walks and summer games. Let’s go out and explore Hoboken!

History Detectives, August 20 – 24
For ages 6 to 8 years old
From stories about immigration, to the city’s architecture and cultural festivals, Hoboken has a rich history just waiting to be discovered. Through stories, creative projects, trips to nearby points of interest, and lots of outdoor time, we will explore Hoboken history through artifacts, architecture and art.

To Enroll: Call the Museum at 201-656-2240 or email Robin Westervelt, Education Curator,

Fire Department Museum Open Weekends, 12-5 pm
Family fun at the Fire Dept. Museum!
Family fun at the Fire Dept. Museum!
Hoboken’s other best-kept secret is the Hoboken Fire Department Museum, at 213 Bloomfield Street. Come see how generations of fire fighters have battled fires in this dense urban environment. Memorabilia, including photos, hats and equipment, are arrayed floor-to-ceiling, and the fire fighters welcome visitors to climb up on the vintage fire truck.
Admission is free for children, $2 for adults. The Hoboken Historical Museum is happy to help the department staff the Museum on weekends from noon to 5 pm.
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