Monday Madness: April or November – the BoE elections are war!

Monday MSV will have an exclusive look at the Hoboken BoE elections in 2012 with views from both sides of the divide.  The State of NJ just passed a law where local school boards can decide to continue elections in April or move them to November.

Hoboken’s next Board of Education meeting is scheduled for 7:00 pm on Valentine’s Day.  There won’t be a lot of love in the room that night.  On Monday MSV will detail why.

Currently the Kids First coalition holds a slim one vote 5-4 majority.  Last year the Frank Raia backed “Independents” ticket swept the three seat election and will be looking to reverse that majority whether the election is in April or in November.

The State of NJ has provided a sample resolution to consider using, pictured above, in moving to a November election.  Hoboken’s BoE may be on that NJ election ballot this November.

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