Wednesday Council challenge: on Hospital garage refinancing, layoffs are on the table


This Wednesday’s City Council meeting will once again be decisive as Hoboken municipal jobs will be on the line and the mayor puts a formal request for a bond refinance on the table for the hospital midtown garage.

As it requires six votes, someone in the Beth Russo hydra or MORTe (death in Italian) – Mason, Occhipinti, Russo and Terry Castellano must vote to do the right thing for Hoboken in a simple financing.

After their attempt to sabotage the hospital sale days before its closure and saddle Hoboken taxpayers with tens of millions of debt and massive layoffs are they even capable of doing the decent thing for Hoboken?

The flip side to sabotage is that a simple straightforward refinancing adds $50,000 annually into Hoboken’s revenues.  Earlier this year, MORTe tried to slash the salaries of both the mayor and the Directors for the second time in recent years saying there were necessary for the taxpayer.

Do you think they will mention the taxpayers on far greater savings offered Wednesday?

The Beth Russo hydra or MORTe, the Italian word for death listen as a speaker criticizes the politicization of the hospital on the bond ordinance to aid the sale last September.  Days before closure, they pulled the switch to cut off that lifeline.  Now Hoboken workers jobs are on the line in a $10 million refinance of the Hospital’s garage.  Without the simple refinance, layoffs are definitely happening.

Talking Ed Note: The Administration is working to find ways to minimize the damage that a full $10 million budget hole will create should the Beth Russo hydra again sabotage Hoboken and vote down the bond ordinance on the hospital’s garage.

A source close to the effort not employed at City Hall notes layoffs are on the table and that won’t change leading into Wednesday’s City Council meeting.

Similar to the hospital’s bond ordinance leading into the sale, MORTe gets to have the city employees take their seats in the electric chair and watch them squirm.  Except this time, they get to pull the switch.

Should they pull that trigger, you can be sure they will say it’s the mayor’s fault as they do.
They’ll say it with a straight face too.

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