Hoboken Freeholder Forums on the issues? Maybe not.

Planned forums to discuss the important issues leading into next month’s Freeholder election may not take place after all.  The incumbent Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano initially was running unopposed on Column A before independent Kurt Gardiner, a strong voice for reform filed in time to take on the challenge.

Romano has held fundraisers including another recently in Hoboken but an initial plan to hold two forums, one on cable TV and one in Hoboken itself have not been scheduled with the election in November around the corner.
In the summer, MSV spoke to both candidates about forums and both agreed to general parameters of two forums.  Campaign Manager Jamie Cryan who recently was given an honorary award as “Italian of the Year” at a Columbus Day celebration sponsored by the County has not returned several emails as directed by Romano to set up the panels, an unusual development for Cryan who typically will get back within a day.
Kurt Gardiner continues to show interest in having a discussion of the issues important to Hoboken.  
Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano (l) at an outdoor forum on the Viaduct with Mayor Dawn Zimmer.  MSV is awaiting a response to determine whether a forum on the issues will occur before the November election.
Talking Ed Note: It’s bad enough when the County runs a slate of unopposed candidates consolidating all the power to itself, but Hoboken a cash cow to the County to the tune of tens of millions annually with regular tax hikes may not even have a forum for the public to have its voice heard at all before election day for its County (Freeholder) representative.
Frankly that’s not only undemocratic, it’s unacceptable.

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