Was today election day?

One prominent member of the Reform movement in a conversation earlier this evening remarked, “It feels like we won an election.”

“It certainly feels like an election except this time there’s no joy with a win or sadness in defeat.  It’s more like relief,” Da Horsey replied.
Which leads to some initial reflections on last night…
An overflowing packed Council Chambers saw a strong turnout of Hoboken and Reform with many new face and new voices.  Mayor Dawn Zimmer did what many though impossible in leading Hoboken University Medical Center back from what looked like certain closure.  The audience would burst into spontaneous sustained applause when her leadership was mentioned by HMHA Chairwoman Toni Tomarazzo. 
What I saw at the Reformalution
Last night I saw Hoboken fight for a hospital in a battle that had already been waged and won.
Last night I saw a packed City Council room show it’s fed up with the politrickin from MORTe.
Last night I saw my fellow citizens embrace each other in a united cause where justice was clear to all.
Last night I saw Reform arise from its slumber in Hoboken’s critical hour.
Last night I fell in love with Hoboken and Reform. Again.
Thanks to all of you for your unwavering strength to fight for Hoboken. 
Thanks to all of you who have and continue to support MSV and let others know there is an alternative in Hoboken for news and information.  People continue to come here week in and week out by the thousands.  Email your Hoboken friends and neighbors.  They need to be engaged in Our Community.
Today was like election day.  But this time all of Hoboken won.  
Thank you Hoboken.  And thank you Reform.  You have shown you are mighty again.  

Stay vigilant!

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