Sign of the Halloween Times: The Beth Russo embrace

Before the City Council meeting, a hasty sidebar strategy session was shared by Council members Beth Mason and Mike Russo.  Apparently, the collapse of the opposition did not permit them sufficient time to fully prepare a plausible narrative to feed the public.

The political stunt of releasing a “council minority agreement” with new HUMC owners Holdco went out right before the City Council meeting.  It was posted on two local news sites without any scrutiny.  Got journalism?
Let’s see it then.  If your print such,  you are required now to explain it.

Here Beth Mason is embracing Mike Russo to share some tidbit of strategy for their political theater soon to follow.  The audience was having none of it and was at times downright hostile pricking their narrative almost from the very start.

Mike Russo would later whimsically comment on the booing he received when he tried to make that sale.
You could almost hear him thinking, “Hey this is what we do, why are you booing me for it now?”

Talking Ed Note: Of the numerous problems and fallout for MORTe is the utter collapse of their position sabotaging the hospital sale over months.  What did their self-proclaimed and utterly unenforceable “agreement” have to do with allowing the hospital sale to go through?

Even worse, they bragged about a so called back room deal they claimed the public process was guilty of and saw no contradiction in doing so.

MSV would like to dedicate this piece of photo journalism to one member of the amazing Hoboken Municipal Hospital Board: Steve Rafsky.  Thank you for your tireless service on behalf of Hoboken.

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