Was City’s response sufficient for the blizzard?

The politics of a blizzard is already a rage for those left behind as others departed on vacation or to visit friends and families.  Some people feel the city could have responded better while others feel their area was neglected.

Jefferson St. heading south

As the blizzard was vastly underestimated by the media leading into the storm and it occurred with a very heavy Sunday night post Christmas wallop, the questions, some rhetorical will be ongoing.  Was the reaction fast enough and did the city escalate its operation sufficiently considering the increasing impact of the storm?

For the political operatives in town who never seem to take a vacation and that includes the guy who the Hoboken Journal calls Crazy Shorts at Mason411, the answer is always in the negative.

9th and Madison St.

As this storm ranks as easily one of the biggest blizzards in memory, did the city react too slowly or not?  You will be hearing a lot about this and expect well, the usual ax grinding to commence.  Reader Katie Scarlett sent in some shots of her disenfranchisement of the west side’s “disparity” for that part of town.  While it’s not clear what times the photos are from, one can say the roads were not perfect although plowed.  Earlier a section of Park had a burned out car that wasn’t towed and the street was unplowed.

Questions about the towing of stuck vehicles is going to be a big question as it slowed the clearing of streets and emergency vehicles’ movement.

7th and Clinton – by the A&P

Is Hoboken comparable to other areas of Hudson County?  Did Hoboken have sufficient staff on call and when did the extra plows arrive?  All of this will be chum for the sharks and food for the anti’s – the people who want to see the state of the town return to the old hands of power even as the city council already has – by hook or crook.

So let’s get on with Blizzardgate.

Update: Photos were taken 9:00 am this morning.

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