NJ rejects Hoboken BoE Superintendent contract

After weeks of catch-22 wrangling, the State rejected the Superintendent contract proposed between the Hoboken Board of Education and Dr. Mark Toback.

New regulations come into place in February but the Hoboken Board of Education attempted to sign Dr. Toback to a maximum length contract of more than four years beyond the established guideline of $155,000.  For more than a month a cat and mouse game with legal maneuvering took place with the State not providing a clear answer of any kind on the contract extended to fill the Hoboken Superintendent position.

Although the amount of the contract on an annual basis has not been made public, Claire Moses of Hoboken Patch references one unnamed source the contract does exceed the $155,000 threshold for Hoboken.  The amount however is nowhere near the amount stated by Councilman Mike Russo at a City Council meeting earlier this month.   A BoE source close to the negotiation rejected his assertion as false without disclosing the actual proposed contact.  To Russo’s urging the BoE contract should be opposed as it was excessive with an annual salary of $225,000, no one inside or outside of the Hoboken BoE has put forward information making such a suggestion.

Previous to the State ruling, Mayor Zimmer wrote a letter to Gov. Christie asking for assistance in Hoboken’s unique situation to fill the open Superintendent position.

Dr. Mark Toback is currently discussing terms with the Hoboken BoE apparently in the hopes to reach an agreement by the January 11th BoE meeting.

The Hoboken BoE is not considering further legal action at the moment.

Comment requested from two BoE members was not available at the time of publication.

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Related: Katie Colaneri posted her story this morning for the Jersey Journal.  Notable in the article is the BoE attorney praising Dr. Mark Toback for continuing to work with the district through the state impasse.

Update: One commenter notes he was told the contract was for $250,000 per year.  MSV will have to go back and check the City Council tape as Councilman Russo definitely claimed it was over $200,000.  He did not name any source to his claim.

Update 2: Claire Moses sent out a twitter noting the contract presented to Mark Taback and the NJ Department of Education was for $175,000, far lower than claimed by Councilman Mike Russo.

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