WABC Radio slams news station for conflict of interest on Eli Manning story

Says the newsreader on the “tick tick tick” station is a paid hack of Mayor’s opponent

File it in the how did this guy know so much about Hoboken politics category.

An announcer on WABC radio slammed a competitor on the AM dial for allowing a “hack” to slam the mayor on its news station saying he’s paid by “the other side.”  The morning bird WABC announcer then complains about the tick tick tick news station: “why did they let him get away with it?”

He’s clearly referring to a newsreader on a competing radio station who is a well known rabid Mayor Zimmer hater.  The question is how did the WABC announcer know so much about Hoboken politics and all about the “hack” announcer working with Mayor Zimmer’s opposition?  Is he an MSV reader?

Well who can that be now?

In the media clip below, you can read it but it’s far, far better to listen as the words Dawn Zimmer were transcribed as “Don Zimmer.”  But it just makes far better sense when you hear it.

It’s so tasty, you’ll think back to the old days when you loved Chef-Boyar-dee!

Anyone have the skinny on how the WABC announcer knows so much about tick tick tick news?

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