Cammarano and 2009 slate, treasurer hit with massive ELEC violations

Peter Cammarano who was becoming comfortable again with life spending time with neighbors at the 1100 Block Party last weekend received some bad news when New Jersey ELEC whacked the former mayor and felon with a comprehensive list of 15 violations.
Cammarano was hit with the violations along with his slate and former treasurer, among them Angel Aliciea who is suing the City of Hoboken and shares an attorney with HHA Director Carmelo Garcia.
From the Star Ledger’s Ted Sherman, co-author of the Jersey Sting:
The story also names others connected to Cammarano and former slate member of Councilwoman Beth Mason:

Read the whole story at the Star Ledger when clicking on the linked text above.

Saturday’s story:

Sign of the Times: Peter Cammarano attends 1100 Bloomfield Block Party

A graying, heavier Peter Cammarano enjoys a moment with neighbors at the 1100 Bloomfiled
Block party yesterday.  Did he invite his former City Council colleague Ruben Ramos who
made a later appearance?

More on the political overtones of the party and current criminal related corruption matters.
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