Voting explosion in the 6-5

It’s a full blown election in process and there’s some early word of pocketed enthusiasm.

Hundreds of votes were recorded in the 6-5, the home voting district of the Jen Giattino family after only a few hours of the polls opening.

On the streets, it’s a full-out Romano assault. Outside the 4-4, a contingent is out front of the polling station and they are enthused as one said to another, “You wanted a job and I’m getting you paid.”

Marine View is very heavy early reports say, the home base of Anthony Romano. In the 4-4 in the heart of the Hoboken Housing Authority, a steady stream of voters into triple figures came in before noon.

There’s word of a technical glitch at the 6-1. Lights not going on with an “X” is fine now.

But there’s been a report of a “major violation” in another polling station.

The polls are open until 8:00 pm.

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