The Jen Army takes the streets of Hoboken, now it’s your turn

All the noise and fanfare have come to a close as the Jen Giattino Army took the streets of Hoboken. Dozens of volunteers swarmed Washington St. in a show of force getting out the word. 
Let the Reform Resistance and Hoboken sovereignty reign!
No more special interests, political games and outside PACS dictate our future. 
City Council President Jen Giattino for Hoboken Mayor! 
Dozens join City Council President Jen Giattino and former NJ State Senate Majority Leader Bernie Kenny (D) as they make a
show of volunteer grass roots Reform Resistance power on Washington St.
Protect City Hall! The Jen Army takes the steps in front of City Hall.
Hoboken is not for sale and we’re here to show you why! 
The political truck was back in action running on Washington Street lambasting Ravi Bhalla the “conflicted politician.”
Jen Giattino is the only major mayoral candidate without any conflicts, scandal, special interests or PAC behind her.
She’s the Hoboken People’s mayoral candidate.
Polls are open from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm – Make your voice heard!

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