Vote totals open with email votes and Beth Mason’s $60,000 adventure

It’s the day after or the aftermath of the Nazi Truck in Hoboken’s BoE race and things are going to be messy for a spell.  In addition to the vote-by-mail absentees and provisionals totaling in four figures, there’s also outstanding email votes out.

Anyone who sought an email or fax ballot has until Friday to get it back to Hudson County.  Some people may not even have their ballot as Hudson County was one of several areas in New Jersey to be overwhelmed with requests from displaced person.

Beacon of Evil.  A stanchion with a four headed hydra of blinding lights sits unlit outside the Mason “civic.”
It certainly can’t be legal to have that there, but with Mason reportedly spending $60,000 for the BoE Move Forward slate, 

it’s just another item on a long list of her illegality.  Can someone at least tow that beast away?

So what does it mean?  The vote tallies are not final and while it’s not likely the Kids First majority will be overturned, it’s possible one seat is at risk and technically the whole race is in play.

If you are part of the displaced who requested and received or is receiving an email or fax voting ballot, it’s absolutely critical you follow the procedure to print out the ballot and fill it out and return it promptly by 12 noon Friday!

As Perry Belfiore would say, there’s a lot of noise on the ballot.

In addition to the three BoE seats in play, there’s the three referendum questions.  The move to November elections appears secure but eliminating the runoff is in question.  Having a runoff election gives the best monied interests the advantage because grass roots candidates as is the case in reform don’t have the ability to spend huge sums of money for what constitutes as two elections.

The rent control question is the initiative most up in the air with the narrow difference in the vote totals. While it may stand up in the end, it’s not a certainty just as the BoE race itself.

One thing is certain.  There’s another open piece to the election with the email and fax vote option.  If you are one of those email and fax voters, your vote may be key to deciding several aspects in the election.

Act accordingly.

Beth Mason speaking on Washington after the assault on MSV Saturday.  

Talking Ed Note: MSV has already gotten some feedback from the other side and as you can imagine the are not taking what looks like impending defeat very well.  Tens of thousands of dollars were invested in a win at all costs strategy to take the second largest public budget in town.

The Old Guard with Beth Mason leading their spending spree, took out a full investment to win early in the year when the BoE election was moved to the fall.  With the change as in the vast majority of NJ moving to the fall, the Old Guard was determined to win the BoE back with its $63 million budget.  At any cost.

Beth Mason is having a bad day.  She’s absolutely flummoxed with what’s occurring and most unhappy about spending $60,000 of her allowance money for what may be a total failure.  That doesn’t include the cost in the strategy to take out MSV and Grafix Avenger leading into the election.  You can add that in when the dust settles.

Frank “Pupie” Raia is not very pleased either.  He’s been charged to lead the paper ballot army.
Problems with soggy signatures is said to be a problem there.

The final tally should be in by week’s end.

Questions on your email or fax vote?  Contact the Hudson County Clerk:

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