Kids First poised to sweep, November elections, no runoff, rent control remains

While an unknown number of provisional and vote-by-mail ballots outstanding maybe in four figures, Kids First looks to be in position to sweep the BoE election.  The machine tallies are as follows:

Ruthy McAllister had 3,498 votes; Jean Marie Mitchell, 3,223 votes and Tom Kluepfel, 3,426 votes.

The Move Forward slate trails with Elizabeth Markevitch 2,844, Anthony Oland 2,513, and Felice Vazquez 2,488.

Patricia Waiters has 987 votes running as an independent.

One ward of the Third Ward is outstanding on the machines.

The Move Forward Nazi Truck cruises down 14th Street, its fifth trip to Hoboken.  How’d that work out for you Joe?

November elections appears to have passed along with eliminating runoff elections.

November elections: 8,475 yes 2,486
Eliminate Runoffs: 7,621 yes 5,296 no

The rent control law remains status quo as is in a tight vote to eliminate on vacancy:

No 6,975

Yes 6,444

Large unknown illegal monies for a BoE slate, thuggery, and a Nazi Truck looks to have delivered nothing but crushing defeat for Beth Mason.  
The BoE vote along with the election won’t be confirmed until week’s end.

Talking Ed Note: The rent control provision has the largest chance of changing with an unknown amount of provisionals and absentees outstanding.

The mayor and at-large council seats will be up for re-election likely in November 2013.

If the numbers hold, the Old Guard for all intents and purposes has been handed a smashing defeat.

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