Video: Mark Toback outlines the facts on violations

The above video is from the spring when Hoboken Superintendent Mark Toback inherited the problems of an administrator who didn’t follow policy and bragged about it.  You may have heard her tale of woe.

What would Michelle Rhea do?  The former head of DC’s district would come in, make immediate dismissals and demand all monies spent on outside resources for plays be paid back to the taxpayer.

You don’t hear that from those who claim to care about real results do you?  Ah, Hoboken politics, more phony than a three dollar bill at least half the time.

The most interesting fact in the Ohaus affair?  She spent over a decade in the schools without teaching.  Yes, being paid as a teacher but not teaching, just acting as a theater director.  That happens to not be legal in the State of NJ.

During this staged drama, she only wanted tenure and to teach five classes going forward.  She wanted out from the theater program.

But all you heard about from her and others was her work on doing plays.
No one bothered to tell you that did they?  Dr. Mark Toback does here.

Talking Ed Note: Having met and spoken briefly with Dr. Toback, let’s say in the battle between those who want to run him out of town and (re)hire their friends turning the BoE into a jobs program and those who want it to focus on education, MSV sides with the latter.

As for Dr. Toback, not a tough call.  He deserves the support to continue his good work to date, end of story.

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