Hudson County and Michele Russo: the “job” gets murkier

Back and forth, back and forth, the County job for Michele Russo remains in a haze, perhaps  intended that way.

Based on a report from a reader who managed to get someone to address the County’s hiring of Michele “five dollars a tow” Russo yesterday, although not officially hired, it’s about to go through.

A Hudson County spokesman didn’t say the hire was official but extolled the virtues of both Michele Russo
and the Russo family ad nauseum.

In a discussion with a county spokesman, the Hoboken resident noted the Russo family hurt on the taxpayers and inquired in this economic climate why no suitable candidate could be found?

The county spokesman according to the reader was very much aware of the issue and seemed prepared to address it by “extolling the virtues” of both Michele Russo and her family.

While the hire was not official at the time of their conversation, the impression the reader received was it was about to be and the discussion was intended to placate his concerns.  A posting of the job was made, although the details are not clear and there was no confirmation on how many candidates applied and the number of interviews conducted.

The position itself is an overnight role overseeing the cleaning services.  For those who wonder how that might play into access with sensitive documents and elections, no need to worry.  It’s time to hit the panic button.

Talking Ed Note: Since the Russo’s lost Hoboken taxpayer paid health benefits, another avenue to get on the taxpayer dime has been sought.  Hudson County is stepping up to the plate.

As New Jersey’s unemployment soars in double digits, Hudson County operates as it has, raising taxes and tending to the Machine.

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