Verdict: Beth Mason attempt to buy an Assembly seat ends in failure

It’s been more than a year of Hoboken hearing about Councilwoman Beth Mason’s inevitability in moving on to land at least a NJ Assembly seat.  One target of her bottomless ambition for power is State Senator and Union City Mayor Brian Stack’s ticket.  Of the four candidate names in Hoboken circulating, Beth Mason we’ve been told over and over was the Hoboken pick to replace Assemblyman Ruben Ramos.

Well let’s end all of the speculation and put this turkey to rest: Beth Mason is out!

State Senator Brian Stack won’t be issuing any press releases, you won’t see him place an ad in the Hudson Reporter and he’s certainly not going to go on the record discussing his pending choice but multiple independent sources have confirmed as Dr. McCoy in Star Trek:

She’s dead Jim.
The year long posturing by her political operatives saying Beth Mason was the inevitable pick to be graced on State Senator Brian Stack’s slate for an Assembly seat are over.  MSV confirmed it with independent sources last week.  She’s out.  
More monies spent for a big, fat donut.

Last week, MSV spoke to multiple independent sources among them people on both sides of the Hoboken divide who all confirmed Beth Mason’s year long push to score the coveted Assembly seat position on Stack’s spring slate was dead in the water.  The Hudson Reporter has been quoting her political operatives talking about Mason as the inevitable pick for what seems like over a year – until last weekend when suddenly they did an about face.

Al Sullivan refers to more anonymous people saying Beth Mason “rebuffed” State Senator Brian Stack and his demands were considered by “some” as unreasonable.


So Al Sullivan just bought hook, line and sinker the collapse of a year long political operation fed to him and regurgitated countless times in the Hudson Reporter to “convince” Stack to put Beth Mason on his slate ran into a sudden problem in the eleventh hour?

It doesn’t pass the smell test, similar to the Hudson Reporter’s interviewing only Beth Mason on a lawsuit against a number of Hoboken commenters including MSV, Grafix Avenger but failing to ask her one question about her role in it.  

(Will the editors at the Hudson Reporter ever ask Beth Mason something relevant like how many Hoboken people she underwrites lawsuits against in the City of Hoboken?)   

Back to the Hoboken NJ Assembly seat soon to be departed by Ruben Ramos.  Does State Senator Brian Stack think it’s politically useful to have someone on the ballot who is one of the most despised people in Hoboken, who has done harm to the City in countless ways among them the attempted sabotage of the sale of the hospital to the lone viable buyer?

Beth Mason after all even ran commercials against the hospital sale where Governor Christie had to come in with $5 million to undo the hospital’s collapse before a final deal could be negotiated.  Think any of Mason’s ugly political gambit has been forgotten statewide as Senator Stack looks to build on his cooperative relationship with Gov. Christie and reform cred?

Beth Mason’s craven effort to see both the hospital and Hoboken ruined for political gain is not lost on anyone even though many will have forgotten the bitterness of her political operatives who howled in pain at her plan’s undoing and then called Mayor Zimmer “a fascist.”

On the upside, Al Sullivan does state one Assembly candidate, Frank Raia, has been engaging with the State Senator on the seat.  MSV agrees but has a different perspective on where the future may lie for the perennial Hoboken candidate.   MSV named the four potential Hoboken people confirming days after Sullivan.  Among them are Councilman Ravi Bhalla, Frank “Pupie” Raia and Michael Russo.  There are split views on whether Raia would like to hang out in Trenton and if Russo is viable but everyone agrees Ravi Bhalla is a solid contender.

As for movement for the Assembly seat, it’s first in and first out and the end of the line for Beth Mason.

While some including Grafix Avenger would be happy to have seen Mason buying an exit visa, MSV never shared that view moving Mason out of Hoboken was going to happen in the end.  At this point, some wishing the Mason (money) problem become a headache elsewhere is over and done.  Beth Mason is stuck in Hoboken.  No one wants her.  Even with her husband providing her a blank check, she can’t buy her way out of town.

Sullivan’s weekend column did note Beth Mason wants to install her proxy puppet Tim Occhipinti into the mayor’s office.  Sure, she can stomp on the law again as in the Move Forward Nazi Truck BoE campaign with illegal money pumped in but would Beth Mason flout the law to the degree required for the eager but juvenile Tim Occhipinti in a run doomed to failure?

As Mason’s reputation is so toxic, one Old Guard denizen has accurately noted, “She has no base,” she couldn’t be elected dog catcher.  Can her rancid stench stay far enough to get Occhipinti off the ground?  (Only Timmy seems to think so.)

So as an fyi to all interested parties, Beth Mason will remain a law enforcement problem in Hoboken.

If you hear the Hudson Reporter editors next pushing Beth Mason as the inevitable choice for Hudson County Executive, try to suppress laughter and know it’s just business, weekly Mason family checkbook business.

Talking Ed Note: Another quick point with the official mayoral race beginning.  The Hudson Reporter ignored Ruben Ramos’ announcement on page one relegating him deep in its pages (to obscurity on the bottom of page 2).  Nothing confirms the anger among the Old Guard in Ramos’ announcement more than that editorial snub.  How does Ramos get treated with such disdain after serving so many years in elected office?  Well, it’s an obvious indicator Ramos will not be seeing much love from the pro Old Guard rag.  Word gets around and the Old Guard especially the Russo clan are fuming Ramos launched without their approval.

Then there was the bizzaro world political operation from the view here run by Beth Mason wannabe BFF Ines Garcia Keim at the City Council meeting last week. The other half of the infamous house host address of the “Friends of Beth Mason” political committee most recently funneling excessive illegal dollars for the Move Forward Nazi Truck BoE camapaign, spoke during public portion on her “spirit” resolution to have Trenton support health care dollars from the federal government.  Keim then went to the microphone again past 1:00 AM during the council’s New Business segment demanding she be given time again.  Lots of whining her resolution should have been passed as an “emergency” with MORTe backing council rules be broken on behalf of the political operation.

You can hear Tim Occhipinti on board with the 1:00 in the morning rule breaking.  After all some (Masonista) animals are more equal than others.  Rules, wot council rules?

It’s all about setting the stage for the Old Guard to run against “Republicans.”  Yes, it’s February and they are that desperate.  Say hello to election season in Hoboken.

More on that and an obnoxious outrageous defense of voter fraud in the fourth ward from Michael Russo who went head to head on the issue against Councilman Ravi Bhalla.

For a council meeting without much weight on the agenda, a lot of truth sure came pouring out.

Related: Grafix Avenger weighs in on Beth Mason’s latest humiliation asking why Al Sullivan’s column isn’t available online and references a trip up the hill Mason took early February to Union City when Gov. Christie came to celebrate the opening of Colin Powell elementary school.

Beth Mason was there in person just earlier this month to hear State Senator Stack as reported in the Hudson Reporter say to no great surprise:

“Not only is he the greatest governor, but he’s the best I’ve ever worked with, and that’s coming from a Democrat,” Stack finished, to thunderous applause from the audience.”

Yet the Hudson Reporter kept telling us (re: Mason paid political operatives) she was a frontrunner.

Until she wasn’t.

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