Russo duels Bhalla over voter fraud in the Hoboken Housing Authority


Council war breaks out on HHA voter fraud after rent control advocate decries systematic house to house paper ballot collection (vote-by-mail) of almost 500 votes for “Let the People Decide” landlord group.

In the course of the human events in these United States, a Civil War took place and a nation split asunder on the rights of States and the question of slavery.  With the Union victorious, the road to freedom marched on and the battle for the Republican dream of racial equality traveled a century before the Voting Rights Act of 1965 took overdue steps edging toward liberation from the plantation.

Traveling northwards, crippling African-American families with unintended consequences of Johnson’s Great Society and dissolving the basis of family leaving mother led households in centralized housing collectives, the vultures working with politicians have maintained a different plantation game as they mouth platitudes celebrating Black History month.  It’s present at almost every election in Hoboken.

Enter a face off between two opposing camps on the issue of vote farming in the Hoboken Housing Authority.  On one side, representing the grifting Russo crime syndicate, Councilman Michael Russo defending the old, dark ways on behalf of the northern plantation stakeholders, in this case landlords.

In the other, Councilman Ravi Bhalla, a powerful voice in the Hoboken Reform movement and a staunch Democrat seeking the American mantle of promise fulfilled.

Councilman Michael Russo calls the issue of voter fraud, both in Hoboken and the nation a “Republican issue” of “voter suppression” describing allegations of Hoboken voter fraud as “ludicrous.”

Councilman Ravi Bhalla raises the red flag in Hoboken at those who “lead the effort” who are “victimizing the people in the (Housing) Authority.”  He calls the scam there are hundreds and hundreds of campaign workers being paid for “work”… “a big fraud” having been in the fourth ward on election day and not seeing a single campaign worker on the street.

Russo calls it “Republican marching orders in the election.” Bhalla deems it a “voting rights issue,” and “cautions” people (including the council members) from participating in voter fraud.

When it comes to the Hoboken Housing Authority, do you think another nerve’s been hit?

State Senator Stack needs to make a decision on what kind of official he wishes to represent him for the Assembly.
It’s a contrast worth further examination.

The proceedings are interrupted as Bhalla is speaking more than once from the scant audience.  The Brothers Calicchio are both in attendance and none too happy about this exposure.  Former Hoboken resident Nick Calicchio later yells out calling City Council President Peter Cunningham an “asshole.”

Talking Ed Note: Beth Mason followed this riveting exchange with a foray into the wilderness complaining about voters without electricity who could not make it to the polls.  In the refrain of one who says let’s change the subject before my name comes up next in this sordid mess, Mason inquired with a straight face about recent developments in the Hoboken Housing Authority.

This as she sends multiple political operatives to the meetings, one of whom films the entire government proceedings on her behalf. Perhaps other political operatives have not been able to produce a satisfactorily short summation to have read to her after breakfast so Councilman Dave Mello obliged.

At one time Beth Mason took an avid interest in MSV’s use of the word plantation but lost the taste for that discussion after prompting a Hudson Reporter writer on a hatchet job of a mission by its editors last year. Proudly directed to the feature atop the page: Timmy’s Street $$$ Time, all inquiries on that storyline and a so-called Hoboken blogger feature story abruptly ended.

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