US Senator Josh Hawley: ‘Election Theft 2020 will not pass’

With an unprecedented amount of mounting evidence of staged and coordinated election fraud revealed to date and more being exposed across numerous states on an almost daily basis; US Senator Josh Hawley stood up to be counted at the joint session of Congress set for January 6th.

He’s already being joined by record numbers in the House of Representatives who vow to object to Election Theft 2020.

Earlier today, Senator Hawley announced his intention to join in objecting. His action guarantees there will be a challenge to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris who mysteriously have obtained winning margins in only select battleground states they were handily losing on Election Night with spikes in dead of night votes.

There is little question Senator Hawley has broken the GOPe logjam pushed by “China Mitch” McConnell who has been twisting arms to see pushed out President Trump who was heading to a bigger victory on Election Day than 2016 when “anomalies began piling up in massive six-figure dumps and haven’t ceased since.

Expect other Senate Republicans to follow with similar public announcements prior to January 6th as the American people’s anger rises with the almost daily revelations of election fraud in key battleground states.

Hawley notes similar objections have been raised by Democrats against the elections of Republican Presidents and points to 2004 and 2016. It was of course met with unyielding praise from the Democrat political operative media.

The action however smashes once again the corporate globalist media gaslighting efforts of “nothing to see here.” They’ll roll out new talking points. 

“We’ve always been at war with Oceania.”

Talking Ed Note: The evidence of massive, coordinated election fraud amasses and continues to come to the fore even as much of the Mockingbird Media dismisses it without discussion as “baseless.”

Today, another hearing is taking place in Georgia with further litany of election irregularities and outright fraud illuminated. Arizona legislators are seeking to take action and attach evidence in a letter forwarded to VP Mike Pence who will act as President of the US Senate on January 6th.

Yet more election fraud evidence is available in a new report released yesterday by John Lott from the Department of Justice.

President Trump announced more evidence of election fraud is forthcoming even as he continues to fight as he has for months to get the American people who need financial relief due to the Chinese Communist Party Virus. His request for a clean bill on that front has fallen on deaf ears but the first of $600 ultimately desired as $2,000 with additional payments per child on the table is under consideration in the Senate and House.

Are there any honest Democrats in the US Senate who will join Republicans to stand opposed to the election fraud crimes against the American people?

Stop laughing.

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