US Jobs Report – the skinny from NJ’s Senate Candidates

Last Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics report on June unemployment and job creation was released and MSV has sought out comment from both NJ candidates for US Senator.

For June, the official unemployment rate remains at 8.2% with only 80,000 new jobs and 85,000 signing up for disability.

Da Horsey yesterday contacted the press secretary for US Senator Bob Menendez but was unable to obtain comment on the June jobs report.  We’ll update if that changes.

NJ State Senator Joe Kyrillos provided the following statement.

“The unemployment figures released (for June) are further proof that the job killing policies enacted by Senator Bob Menendez and others in Washington are resulting in anemic economic growth,” said Senator Kyrillos.

“New Jerseyans are concerned about their future, and they are making the tough choices necessary to make ends meet. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about Bob Menendez. He continues to push for more and bigger government, resulting in more spending, more debt, and more entitlements that we cannot afford. These policies are hindering our recovery, encroaching on our economic freedom, and threatening the American spirit.

“New Jerseyans simply cannot afford more of the same. In New Jersey, I have been proud to work with Governor Chris Christie and like-minded reformers to cap property taxes, balance budgets, and reform the pension system all without raising taxes. I look forward to bringing this same results-oriented leadership to Washington, DC.”

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