Hoboken Planning Board to Shipyard on Monarch Project: YOU’RE OUT!!!

Just in time for the All-Star Game, the Hoboken Planning Board kicked the Shipyard to the curb, jettisoning their application with no hearing on the merits  according to eyewitness reports.

The City currently has a lawsuit against the Shipyard for its failure to fulfill an earlier agreement.  That agreement permitted development in the northeast with the area of the proposed Monarch project set aside for parking, tennis courts and other amenities.

Basing their action on the outstanding State of NJ appeal with the Department of Environmental Protection, the Hoboken Planning Board denied the Shipyard application until a result is given in court.

The City is not pleased however the terms not met previously in a signed agreement with the Shipyard.  The decision in effect punts the request for twin 10 story buildings on the northeast edge of Hoboken until the court rules on the City’s appeal at the State level.

Site of the proposed Monarch project by the Shipyard.  The application was kicked to the curb by the Zimmer Administration backed Hoboken Planning Board.  The battle will now be fought at the State level in a City appeal to the NJ Department of Environmental Protection.

One resident eyewitness to the meeting at the Wallace School gave some insight to the action with 100 people in attendance saying in part:

In essence the city’s attorney and the Hoboken Planning Board attorney spoke and agreed that the HPB couldnt rule on the application until the courts ruled on the city lawsuit (on the Shipyard reneging on the earlier agreement on amenities in that location).  It mirrors an injunction in effect.  The Shipyard attorney was very displeased but he got shouted down by the crowd numbering at least a hundred.  Overall a good night with the appeal to the Department of Environmental protection now driving the issue no matter what the Shipyard, re: Applied Management does including any lawsuit against the HPB.  It will likely just be rolled into the existing suit.  So Hoboken can relax some and let the courts do their work. 

Another eyewitness notes the Planning Board attorney was the sole legal speaker.

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