Update on e-Scooters and how to remove sidewalk threats

The e-Scooters are a boomlet of transport within Hoboken but there’s a learning curve for users. Some will have to learn the hard way.

Some riders do not want to use the roadways as intended and obligated under ordinance. They are riding on the sidewalk and creating a nuisance and danger to pedestrians and themselves.

Hoboken Police Chief Ken Ferrante offered this report:

If you see someone riding on the sidewalk you can take a photo and then send it with the time and location to the Hoboken Police Department and to the e-Scooter company. A video is not needed but may be useful.

The resident offender can then be fined and see their account suspended or revoked. Since the e-scooters are equipped with GPS, a photo alone with the time and location of the occurrence will see identified the alleged criminal in question. HPD is collecting all responses and video when submitted.

This is the Soprano State. Help criminals find their destiny. Send the HPD and e-scooter company the photo with time and location and watch the bulk of problems with e-scooters on sidewalks disappear.

For the Hoboken Police Dept:
For Lime (stand up green e-Scooter)
For OJO (seated blue e-Scooter)

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