Unofficial: Tom Greaney now within an eyelash of forcing a runoff

MSV has just learned Tom Greaney is now within ten votes of forcing a runoff. What he thought appeared to be a loss is now completely in question. There are unknown provisional ballots to tally before this race can be called.

The constant challenge refrain from the Old Guard especially Beth Mason’s challengers may now in fact backfire. By forcing people to show a utility bill or similar to vote now puts Beth Mason’s win completely in question. All those people challenged for nothing but spite will now see their votes evaluated in determining a runoff.

While provisionals will be tallied, absentee ballots by Beth Mason may also be challenged. As Tom Greaney is only 10 votes shy of forcing a runoff, Reform is already salivating at the prospect of another ballot. In fact, that’s an understatement. Reform is already looking forward to another shot at Beth Mason.

MSV can confirm one provisional ballot for Tom Greaney. He is now unofficially within 10 of forcing a runoff.

Talking Ed Note: Sleep with one eye open Beth Mason. Reform is coming. It’s coming for you.

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