REFORM WINS!!! Takes 6th ward And 5th ward

Back soon – pandemonium

That Jen Girl Giattino took the 6th ward just earlier.
It appears she won each voting district outright.

Peter Cunningham has taken down three opponents to win the 5th ward outright.
There will be no runoff in the 5th.

Reform will assume control of the City Council!!

In the 2nd Tom Greaney has lost in a four way race and has apparently conceded.
Beth Mason has squeaked by with just over 51% of the vote. People will question Franz Peatzhold as his vote was the difference. Mason avoided a runoff with Greaney by a mere 22 votes.

Eric Kurta appears to fall short in the 1st, trailing about 150 votes exclusive of absentees.
Terry Castellano will retain the 1st ward seat with a big number advantage from 1-2 in Marine View.

Rami Pinchevsky falls to Tim Occhipinti in the 4th ward.

Greg Lincoln in a valiant effort loses to Mike Russo, defeated by the base of subsidized housing.

Currently unofficial Tom is short a small figure from a runoff with Beth Mason.
It’s not even two dozen votes.

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