Union City Whistleblower: What did Brian Stack ever do for Hoboken?

Former  Union City Deputy Police Chief & whistleblower Joseph Blaettler wrote a letter to the editor for Hoboken people to consider what has State Senator Brian State ever done for Hoboken?

Excerpts from the letter:

Yes, if you like a card for your Birthday, a free Turkey, hot dog or handout then yes, Brian is your guy. If you are looking for fair representation in Trenton, I suggest you look elsewhere.

While Stack is successful in securing hundreds of millions of dollars for Union City, what does he secure for Hoboken? When you go to Union City you will see new schools, swimming pools, parks and roads all paid for with state dollars.

Can anyone tell me the last time Brian Stack secured money for a new school in Hoboken? How about a swimming pool or new police station? Recently, I drove down Washington Street in Hoboken and I thought I was in Bagdad, Iraq.
If Stack cares so much about Hoboken why is he not getting funds to redo Washington Street? Three years ago, Stack got Christie to give him a five-million-dollar loan to balance the Union City budget, how much of the loan did Hoboken get? Zero.
Last week, the new school aid figures were released. Union City was awarded a 9 million dollar increase, increasing their overall funding to $190 million a year from state taxpayers. The levy to Union City taxpayers is 5%.
What did Hoboken get? Zero percent increase with a total annual funding of $10 million from the state. Whereas Union City taxpayers only contribute 5% locally for education, Hoboken taxpayers are forced to pay 54.5% locally to fund their schools.
Where has Stack been in fighting for school aid for Hoboken? Maybe this is one reason Hoboken taxes are so high. Stack seems to get a lot of state funding for Union City but nothing for Hoboken.
Now that Brian Stack wants to take over the county he comes to Hoboken asking for support, and local politicians stand next to him praising him. Did any of them ask Senator Stack before we commit to you, what have you done for us lately?
While Bhalla gets what he wants– Mayor of Hoboken and then a second high paying job with a politically connected law firm, and Stack gets to be the next Chairman of the HCDO, Mayor, Senator and King, what do the people of Hoboken get?
As a friend once said about Stack “If you’re looking for a handout, Brian Stack is your guy. If you are looking for a hand up, don’t expect help from Stack.”
Joseph Blaettler

Read the entire letter at the Hudson County View:

Councilman Michael Russo makes a pitch with State Senator Brian Stack at the Monday night invitation only Mayor Ravi Bhalla event for the Hoboken Democratic committee.

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