Politico picks up MSV exposing Team Ravi-Russo

The Hoboken Democratic Committee get together Monday night is typically a local story with a fascination not beyond political insiders.

Politico, however, is obviously reading MSV and picked up yesterday’s Sign of the Times and the linked story to HCV. In addition, it highlighted the MSV video of FBI informant Solomon Dwek with Councilman Michael Russo posted in yesterday’s comments section.

Politico added MSV’s Sign of the Times and its Solomon Dwek – Michael Russo video 

With that, let’s toss another comprehensive excerpt on the barbie starring New Jersey’s most infamous FBI sting featuring the surveillance video of Solomon Dwek and Hoboken’s notorious clown prince of land-use variance applications for a price: intimate ally and special guest of Mayor Ravi Bhalla. It’s Michael Russo back in the lights.

This video excerpt captured all the major highlights and is a must-see for Hoboken residents who would like to know which bed political pals sleep together.

For recent Hoboken politicos who think Hoboken’s notorious corruption history begins with efforts to clean up voting at the polls on election day led by Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher as Chair of the Hoboken Democratic Committee; here’s where your Hoboken Sopranos 101 education begins.

HDC Chair Tiffanie Fisher was informed by Mayor Ravi Bhalla she was not invited to the Monday Hoboken Democratic Committee gathering. Instead, Ravi Bhalla brought in a special guest of his own who has no seat on the committee, Councilman Michael Russo.

See the entire Politico statewide coverage at the link:

Related: MSV highlighted the rumored efforts of Ravi Bhalla effort last November to elevate Michael Russo to City Council President but their plan quickly failed.

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