Two weeks out…

Hoboken has an election in two weeks although most do not know it. There’s three slates in a hunt for votes. What are some of the issues they are running on? Other than the tribalism vote the Hoboken BoE’s elections are infamous for year in and year out?

Are Hoboken schools for education or it is a jobs program? Most often, over many years this is part of the unwritten ideology within the system.

It’s been weeded out both as a result of direct action in recent years and most recently State funding cuts which have led to a lawsuit, internecine warfare with charters at the epicenter and Kids First not even running a ticket under its name.

So is Hoboken pumped up for an election in two weeks?

Can you run for BoE from your bathtub? Well if you run for Hoboken BoE
while sending the “yuppies” to the burbs, why not?
This is Hoboken.

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