Applied Housing line for Section 8 Housing stretches around the block


A line forming outside the Elks Club last night to apply for Section 8 Applied Housing in Hoboken and Weehawken stretches around the block at 11th and Washington.

A line outside the Elks Club began forming last night. People in the line
said they were applying for housing through a Section 8 Applied Housing program.

People have been queuing to submit applications for Section 8 housing, a federal program subsidizes units in town at the Hoboken Housing Authority, Applied Housing and other locations in town. People on line including some residents in the HHA said it was for applications to the Section 8 program in Applied Housing. The applications are to be added on a wait list for both Hoboken and Weehawken.

Some residents recognizing MSV from attending Hoboken Housing Authority meetings clamored for attention saying the line showed a need for affordable housing. “Mr. Horse, tell Dawn Zimmer we need affordable housing,” one current uptown HHA resident said.

One Hoboken resident, Linda P, standing with her daughter near the front of the line added, “Tell the mayor we need more affordable housing.”

A reader alerted MSV last night on the forming line which now stretches around 11th and Hudson and is growing southward threatening to reach the tony home of Councilwoman Beth Mason.

Similar lines for Marine View years ago formed overnight to apply for the affordable housing in those buildings. Other affordable housing structures in town such as Church Towers have lists officially closed and units there changing hands have not been available for application to the mostly minority applicants in line today outside the Elks.

Talking Ed Note: An Applied Housing sign out side the Elks Club says applications are being taken for a wait list in Hoboken and Weehawken.

Applications can be obtained and filled out today up to 4:00 pm. The line has dwindled down to the corner of 11th and Hudson Street as of 1:30. as applicants are waiting to get into the Elks.

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