Turn out the lights, the Al Arezzo party’s over


State’s Civil Service Commission upholds Construction Official’s removal
The NJ Civil Service Commission on September 5th published the following action:
Alfred N. Arezzo, Construction Official, City of Hoboken, Administration Department, 30 working day suspension and removal effective February 17, 2011, on charges of insubordination, conduct unbecoming a public employee, misuse of public property and other sufficient cause.
Recommendation of the Administrative Law Judge – Modify the 30 working day suspension to a six-month suspension and modify the removal to a six-month suspension.
            ACTION:       The Civil Service Commission modified the recommendation of the Administrative Law Judge and modified the 30 working day suspension to a six-month suspension and upheld the removal.
MSV was first to break the story the State of NJ had revoked his license.  (We’re not sure the Hudson Reporter even reported Arezzo’s license was revoked.  Maybe it was buried on page 14 with available apartments.)
Talking Ed Note: Arezzo will be long remembered as a legend of the dark “On the Waterfront” ways of Hoboken government.  A time when arbitrary and capricious action was the order of the day and the whim of the individual who held authority ruled a fiefdom.
The Construction Office can join the rest of City Hall in learning to accept it’s operating in the 21st century.  Start liking it.

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