Hudson Reporter shows no interest in corruption other than abetting it

This week’s Hudson Reporter again made no mention of the problematic missing financial transactions re: the deposits into Councilman Michael Russo’s campaign account “Russo for Hoboken.”

Those bank transactions are definitive in showing whether Michael Russo told the truth when he said he did not accept $5,000 as agreed over a Jersey City lunch with Solomon Dwek back in the spring of 2009.

Of similar importance, the Hudson Reporter editors: Caren Matzner and Gene Ritchings see a different problem: bloggers.  Well not paid political operatives feeding them weekly narratives and/or writing on Hoboken Patch, their website and elsewhere but the anti-corruption, pro-reform bloggers.

Their repeated efforts working with paid political operatives attacking Reform directly and indirectly is a scandal in and of itself.  They shouldn’t wonder why any honest official or citizen would be wary of speaking to them.  They repeatedly write about you as they have MSV; they just won’t contact you or allow you an adequate opportunity to do so.  Speaking to paid political operatives is sufficient “journalism,” objectively getting all sides.

Does anyone remotely believe a story on a bloggers lawsuit has the Hudson Reporter completely unaware of the political operative(s) they have direct and indirect dealings with at present and over years?

Unlike Augie Torres, the Hudson Reporter hid that information from the public in its story.

The Hudson Reporter knows exactly who the political operatives are in Hoboken, knows exactly who is paying them and is well aware of who is underwriting the effort and to what ends it serves.

There is only one word to describe their lies of commission and ommission: corruption.

Anti-corruption, pro-reform bloggers are the enemy.  Using paid political operatives flagrantly making up phony stories about Nazi parody videos gets their editors ginned up.  Hiding the truth on political operatives they’ve had DIRECT DEALINGS while doing lengthy feature stories about million dollar lawsuits is opportunity for more fun and games.

Meanwhile the political operatives’ paymasters skate along with some very large questions looming about Michael Russo and Solomon Dwek.

Here’s just one obvious example from last fall showing the bias at the Hudson Reporter with commentary on the massive Data Theft Ring conspiracy at City Hall where tens of thousands of emails into and out of the mayor’s office on every sensitive communication and document imaginable.

Not one word appeared on the pages of the Hudson Reporter mentioning the damage to Hoboken, the taxpayers and its citizens.

The arrest of the IT manager Patrick Ricciardi caught looting communications for approximately a year and a half – the exact same time period both Michael Russo and Beth Mason LATER attempted to see the same emails released en masse to the public hasn’t ever raised the hackles of the Hudson Reporter.

Dishonestly working with the underwriters of political operatives targeting reform oriented citizens is far more fun.

Hoboken has no fourth estate of merit.  It’s quite literally naked in the face of corruption.  Worse, the Hudson Reporter goes far beyond just looking the other way.  It’s actively abetting it.

Below is a link to the MSV Horse Sense editorial from last year detailing the reaction of the Hudson Reporter to the arrest of IT Manager Patrick Ricciardi and the massive Data Theft Conspiracy at City Hall.

Hudson Reporter scorecard after the FBI arrest:
Blogger mentions: 9  Patrick Ricciardi mentions: 0
What else needs to be said?

Michael Russo at his final Hoboken Housing Authority meeting in April.  The Hudson Reporter has failed to mention the issue of unascertained deposits in his “Russo for Hoboken” campaign.  The pro-Old Guard rag didn’t have anything bad to say about Russo trading on his office with ex-commissioner Hector Claveria captured on FBI surveillance video either.  So in their editorial style, at least the HR’s consistent.

Talking Ed Note: The Mason Civic League office on 12th and Washington doesn’t look like its going away before an election. There’s a notice on the door referencing an upcoming event for Hoboken Charter. No doubt it will be used politically to advance the Frank Raia BoE slate no matter what “banner” the space is officially under. 

MSV has added a poll on the top right of the page asking, 
“Does the Hudson Reporter support corruption?”

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